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Reset, Renew, Restore

Discover the natural path to relaxation and rejuvenation through personalized reflexology treatments tailored to your needs.

Restoring Women to True Wellness

Reflexology and Holistic Health Coaching

You give so much.

It's time we take care of you.


Holistic Wellness

Natural wellness practices to support your body's ability to heal itself.


Weight Management

Let's end the cycle of "try hard and fail" with a plan custom fitted to your body and lifestyle for sustainable results.


Hormone Health

A woman's hormones are ever-changing but that doesn't have to work against you. Hormone healing helps to restore balance to your body to help you thrive in any season.



Alleviate stress in the body and mind with reflexology.


Reiki Healing

Restore energy pathways that support healing, foster relaxation and promote wellness.


Break away from the stress and anxiety that has become the norm of the modern age.  Getting refocused is key to live a balanced, peaceful and purposeful life. 

Meet Alexas 

Embark on a journey towards a balanced, vibrant life with a Certified Nutrition Health Coach by your side. Imagine navigating the path to wellness with someone who understands the transformative power of holistic health firsthand. Whether you're a mother, partner, or seeking individual growth, holistic health coaching is designed to empower you to overcome challenges.

Discover your body's innate power to create lasting change, with guidance tailored to foster resilience and vibrant health. I'm here to support you through every step of your wellness journey, offering not just holistic health coaching but also specialized reflexology services to provide a soothing touch that enhances your overall well-being.

Let's venture your path to vibrant health, ensuring you have the support, knowledge, and care you deserve for your unique journey toward the life you aspire to live. 


Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

You deserve to break into your bliss.

A joyful, healthy you is not just a gift to yourself but to everyone else around you. From nourishing your body with delicious, healing foods to setting you at ease through holistic healing therapies, I'm here to support your goals.  Together, we'll craft a plan to make your bliss your reality.  

"No diet I tried had helped me lose weight...Fortunately, the Rec Center I am a member of, offered information sessions and I found Alexas.
Within the first week of following the meal plan we agreed on, I lost 2 lbs! …Within a month I had lost more weight than I had in 3 years.
But the benefits did not end with the weight loss. My joint pain has disappeared. I no longer experience constant hot flashes and night sweats. ...I feel 10 years younger!"

Ruth H.
Client testimonial
Reflexology Therapy

Book a Reflexology Treatment

Book your 60-minute reflexology treatment now, and start your healing  journey today!

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