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Holistic Wellness

Redefine YOUR health from the inside out

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Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Enhance your health and vibrancy with a Holistic Nutrition Coach dedicated to empowering women like you. Receive personalized guidance, nutrition plans, and education on healthy eating and portion control, all designed to foster lasting, positive lifestyle changes.


It's not just about the food.  True wellness means assessing and reducing stress, improving sleep, and embracing a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

Benefit from ongoing support and budget-friendly meal planning, emphasizing sustainable improvements for your health and well-being. Together, we'll craft a plan tailored to your life to position you for success in achieving your personal wellness goals.

Hormone Health

Guiding women to hormonal balance through understanding and care, we tailor strategies around nutrition, exercise, stress management, and lifestyle adjustments.


Personalized dietary advice supports hormone health, addressing PMS, menopause, and fertility concerns.


You don't have to navigate these major life cycles alone. Together, we'll implement lifestyle changes to positively influence hormone levels in a way that better supports your well-being and effective management of hormonal issues.


It's a partnership focused on your unique journey to health and balance.

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Reiki Healing

In reiki sessions, I work to release the flow of healing energy, targeting exactly where it's needed.


We'll focus on your energy centers or chakras to unblock and promote self-healing. Beyond relaxation, Reiki is known to support recovery, boost immunity, and ease pain and tension.

Guided Meditation

Let go of stress and embrace serenity through a guided visualization meditation that blends mindful breathing with mantra and affirmation techniques.


This tranquil practice helps break away from anxiety, balances mood, fosters self-awareness, improves sleep, reduces pain, and nurtures overall well-being.

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