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Ruth's Journey

"I feel 10 years younger!"

I appreciate all the support you have given me during 2023.  The knowledge and resources you shared with me have started me on a healthy journey that, I'm sure, will support a healthy active lifestyle as I age.  The photo I have attached above was taken Thanksgiving weekend 2022.  I was horrified when I saw it.  Although I am smiling, that woman was not happy.  I had ballooned to 230 lbs. in about 3 years!  I was not sleeping well, I was always hot, uncomfortable, and was moody.  My joints hurt, I had issues with my digestion and as I saw my parents' health deteriorate, braced myself for a sad future.  By the end of 2022, I had accepted that I was getting old and there was nothing I could do to change that.  No diet I tried had helped me lose weight and I was too tired to exercise.  Something deep inside me didn't want to believe that at 54 I was old.  So, I decided to work with a health coach.  Fortunately, the Rec Center I am a member of, offered information sessions and I found you.


Ruth Before & After.png

I have to admit, I wasn't sure I should commit to 6 months of coaching and spend the money to pay for that.  I decided that I have spent the better part of 30 years investing time, money and energy on my husband and children. It was now my time to invest in me so I can enjoy the next 30 years living a happy, healthy and active life with my family.  Within the first week of following the meal plan we agreed on, I lost 2 lbs!  I started walking a couple of times a week and within a month a had lost more weight than I had in 3 years.  I removed all unhealthy food from my home.  I stopped drinking alcohol, and caffeine.  You shared healthy recipes and tips for success and the weight kept coming off.  As of December 2023, I lost 35 lbs., and I didn't starve myself!

But the benefits did not end with the weight loss.  My joint pain has disappeared.  I no longer experience constant hot flashes and night sweats.  My friends and family have commented on how beautiful my skin looks; I didn't know it looked bad before!  My doctor is very happy with my blood work results and I no longer experience stomach issues.  I sleep through the night and have so much energy while I'm awake, I feel 10 years younger.  My husband has noticed the difference in me.  While he hasn't committed 100% to a diet change, he has embraced healthier eating habits that have impacted his health and energy level as well.

With the tools and resources, you shared with me, I know I will be able to continue on my transformation journey.  In 2024 I plan to focus on establishing an exercise routine to healthier and happier me.


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