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What Clients Are Saying...

Darryl's Story

Image by Patrick Hendry

Lois's Journey

When Pre-Diabetes Sneaks Over Into Diabetes...Take Action!

After feeling more energetic by losing ten pounds on my own, I came to a standstill. When my six-month check-up with my GP came around, I moved from being a pre-diabetic to a diabetic. I cut out all sugar and wheat flour immediately and walked more, but my A1c kept rising. My upcoming fear was using needles. I joined an athletic club and worked out in Yoga and classic muscular exercise for five days every week. I practiced on weekends because I did not want to slip into old habits. Then I met Alexas Williams, a personal COACH, at a local Women's Health Fair. She mentioned a few buzz words that really caught my attention: Accountability, Healthy Portion Sizes, and Smart Grocery Shopping. Up to this point I had not even considered a COACH. I met with Alexas for six meetings over a four-month period. With her, I lost an additional 15 pounds, learned to shop the rows where better and more nutritious food was sold, ate smaller quantities of better and filling food, and received her feedback. I am now almost off the pre-diabetic spectrum AND am keeping the weight off. My physician is very pleased that I am up and moving AND eating better. But the secret is that I can be a lighter weight and enjoy how I feel and look. I should have looked into COACHing a lot sooner. Lois. B

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Ruth's Journey

"I feel 10 years younger!"

I appreciate all the support you have given me during 2023. The knowledge and resources you shared with me have started me on a healthy journey that, I'm sure, will support a healthy active lifestyle as I age. The photo I have attached above was taken Thanksgiving weekend 2022. I was horrified when I saw it. Although I am smiling, that woman was not happy. I had ballooned to 230 lbs. in about 3 years! I was not sleeping well, I was always hot, uncomfortable, and was moody. My joints hurt, I had issues with my digestion and as I saw my parents' health deteriorate, braced myself for a sad future. By the end of 2022, I had accepted that I was getting old and there was nothing I could do to change that. No diet I tried had helped me lose weight and I was too tired to exercise. Something deep inside me didn't want to believe that at 54 I was old. So, I decided to work with a health coach. Fortunately, the Rec Center I am a member of, offered information sessions and I found you. I have to admit, I wasn't sure I should commit to 6 months of coaching and spend the money to pay for that. I decided that I have spent the better part of 30 years investing time, money and energy on my husband and children. It was now my time to invest in me so I can enjoy the next 30 years living a happy, healthy and active life with my family. Within the first week of following the meal plan we agreed on, I lost 2 lbs! I started walking a couple of times a week and within a month a had lost more weight than I had in 3 years. I removed all unhealthy food from my home. I stopped drinking alcohol, and caffeine. You shared healthy recipes and tips for success and the weight kept coming off. As of December 2023, I lost 35 lbs., and I didn't starve myself! But the benefits did not end with the weight loss. My joint pain has disappeared. I no longer experience constant hot flashes and night sweats. My friends and family have commented on how beautiful my skin looks; I didn't know it looked bad before! My doctor is very happy with my blood work results and I no longer experience stomach issues. I sleep through the night and have so much energy while I'm awake, I feel 10 years younger. My husband has noticed the difference in me. While he hasn't committed 100% to a diet change, he has embraced healthier eating habits that have impacted his health and energy level as well. With the tools and resources, you shared with me, I know I will be able to continue on my transformation journey. In 2024 I plan to focus on establishing an exercise routine to healthier and happier me. Be well, Ruth

Image by Daryan Shamkhali
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Helene W.

Health Coaching Client

“Alexas was fantastic to work with and helped me to get my diet back on track. She is very detail-oriented and genuinely listens to create an individualized plan of care. In just a short period of time, I feel more energized, have less pain in my body, and am excited about following her suggestions to continue improving my health. Alexas has a deep wealth of knowledge, and her passion for coaching and helping others shines through brightly.”

Kim S.

"The wealth of information Alexas has shared with me about food has taught me so much. I've learned to pay closer attention to the foods I eat and how they make me feel."

Maria C.

"Alexas taught me to really think about the types of food I was consuming or craving and how or why my body reacts to those foods. She also helped me to give myself permission to take small steps." 
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